Who We Are

The MMDA represents the new vehicle franchised dealerships in Manitoba and deals with provincial issues that affect the well-being of franchised automobile and truck dealers. We also have a Sales Certification Program that has graduated over 1,000 Vehicle Sales People since its inception in 1995.


The Canadian Automobile Dealers Association (CADA) was formed in 1941 when Canada was at war. The government was trying to prevent chaos in the marketplace by imposing controls on the Canadian economy. One of their plans was to severely regulate the manner in which automobile dealers could extend credit to their customers. Out of the lobbying done to prevent this from happening, FADA (as it was known) was formed. Three years later, in 1944, our own MMDA became the dealers’ voice in Manitoba. The Winnipeg Motor Dealers Group is a part of the Manitoba Motor Dealers Association and was formed in 1956.

Since 1944, MMDA has added many activities to support and advance the automotive industry in Manitoba. One of the most significant initiatives was the development of the Sales Certification Program, which began in 1995. In addition to training, a code of ethics was developed and the program has greatly improved the image of the industry. MMDA also partners with several other companies and organizations. Their support has been crucial to the success and financing of all of the programs and initiatives that the association undertakes.


The MMDA has a Board of Directors comprised of new vehicle dealers from across the province. The Board elects an Executive Committee of five dealers in the positions of 2nd Vice-President, 1st Vice-President, President, Immediate Past-President and Senior Past-President. Each serves two years in each position starting at the 2nd Vice Chair position. The Executive Director and Office Manager positions are full time staff positions that are responsible for the day-to-day Association activities, administration and Sales Certification.