MMDA Facts & Projects


CADA (Canadian Automobile Dealers Association) was formed in 1941 when Canada was at war. The government was trying to prevent chaos in the marketplace by imposing controls on the Canadian economy. One of their plans was to severely regulate the manner in which automobile dealers could extend credit to their customers. Out of the lobbying done to prevent this happening, FADA (as it was known) was formed. Three years later, in 1944, our own MMDA became the new car and truck franchised dealers’ voice in Manitoba. The Winnipeg Motor Dealers Group is a part of the Manitoba Motor Dealers Association and was formed in 1956.

Since 1944, MMDA has added many activities to support and advance the automotive industry in Manitoba. One of the most significant initiatives was the development of the Sales Certification Program, begun in 1995. In addition to training, a code of ethics was developed and the program has greatly improved the image of the industry. MMDA also partners with several other companies and organizations. Their support has been crucial to the success and financing of all of the programs and initiatives that the association undertakes.


Over the course of 24 years the MMDA Charity Golf Tournament in support of Special Olympics Manitoba has raised in excess of $1.2 million. The funds raised have allowed Special Olympics Manitoba to continue their mandate of enriching the lives of Manitobans with an intellectual disability through active participation in sport.

Scholarships & Awards

Red River College
MMDA has and ongoing endowment fund at Red River College which provides three $1,000 bursaries annually.

Gerald Rewucki Memorial Scholarships
In 1999, the MMDA, its regular and associate members, and the Rewucki Family contributed to a memorial fund and scholarships are awarded from this fund annually. Sales Certification Program Members and their family are eligible to apply.

Georgian College – Canadian Automotive Institute
Since its inception in 1998, MMDA has provided scholarship money for this college. There are 2 scholarships of $1,000 each for students from Manitoba.

Assiniboine College Scholarships
The Westman area dealers establised this fund in 1999. Funding came from MMDA, the Westman area dealers and the Government. A yearly scholarship is awarded to an automotive technician.

Select Supplier Scholarships
Awarded annually, these funds assist Manitoba students at a secondary or post-secondary level who are pursuing education that would lead to employment with a new car, truck or heavy truck dealership in Manitoba. This can include a bachelor’s degree or trade program. MMDA awards 6 scholarships valued at $750.00 each.

Government Relations

Ongoing lobbying efforts to improve the automobile industry, such as:

  • Tax relief for Apprentice Automotive Technicians
  • Dealer Licensing Standards

Sales Certification Program

The Sales Certification program was the first of its kind in Canada. It was started in 1995 and to date, we have trained over 1,000 Salespeople. The program has improved the image of the industry, and reduced employee turnover rates. Its goal is to educate the vehicle sales force on the laws of selling vehicles in Manitoba, and to provide a Code of Ethics for the salespeople to abide by.

The online testing program makes it easier to become certified.

The program holds a professional development breakfast and graduation annually in Winnipeg.

Click here for information on the Sales Certification Program.

Programs & Committees

Driver’s Ed Revitalization Committee
MMDA’s former Executive Director, Shirley Canty, started participating in this committee in 1995. In that time, there has been a steady increase of students, approximately 20% per year. Many dealers provide vehicles for this program.

Dealer Licensing Standards
MMDA has been working since 1994 to get the government to develop and enforce stronger standards for licensing automotive dealers and automotive salespeople.

Advertising and Marketing Guidelines
MMDA developed this set of guidelines and distributed them to our members. This is a proactive step to improving dealer and customer relations.

MMDA supports the I-Car Program and the Apprenticeship Program for automotive technicians.

MMDA also supports Skills Canada, a competition for automotive technicians.