Getting the Most out of
the New MPI Contract
with Wayne Loker



CarrXpert’s, General Manager David Lush and Operations Manager Wayne Loker were in town last week meeting with members to understand the challenges our members face to prepare for the June 18th seminar.

The suggestion from CarrXpert is that we host three separate and unique seminars.

  • First, a high-level appraiser course based on the new MPI contract.
  • Second, a seminar for GM’s, Principles and Collision Shop Managers: How to Get the Most Out of your Collision Centre.
  • Third, a seminar/round table with Collision Shop Managers on where the dealership collision business is going, what they would like in a perfect world and how we can support them.

Also, we are also looking for a few dealerships to work with CarrXpert on a trial basis over the coming months. This will help identify issues and opportunities for members and give an opportunity for CarrXpert to work on solutions with the dealership. This would only be a trail you would not be bound to work with them beyond the trial period. There would be no cost to the dealership, to qualify you must be using Axalta or Akzo Nobel products.

We are very sorry about cancelling the session on June 18th and we will release the new dates as soon as possible.

Refunds will be issued today for those who have registered for the June 18 session.

If you have any questions or would like to work with CarrXpert for the trial basis, please contact Geoff Sine at 204-985-4201 or [email protected].