Documentation Fees

Reasons why you may be charged documentation fees:

Documentation fees are charged by the majority of dealers in the province. They vary from dealership to dealership. Some reasons they may be charged are:

  1. Preparation of vehicle purchase contract
    1. Accuracy of contract preparation ensures proper registration of customer’s vehicle by the licensing authorities.
  2. Preparation and handling of all required paperwork
    1. Bill of sale and/or lease vehicle contract
    2. All tax forms, i.e. PST, GST, tire tax
    3. Safe vehicle forms, as required by provincial authorities
    4. NVIS form preparation for vehicle registration purposes
    5. Rebate forms, as required by vehicle manufacturers or financial institutions
    6. Transfer of ownership documents, as required by the province
    7. Assist with arranging required Autopac coverage
  1. Computer charges
    1. Eliminates mathematical errors, thereby ensuring accuracy of all contracts
  2. Lien checks
    1. All vehicles are checked to ensure there are no unpaid liens, thereby protecting customers
  3. Autopac write-off search
    1. All vehicles are checked to determine their status, thereby protecting customers
  4. Financing & Leasing
    1. All available sources are shopped
    2. Best available rates determined on behalf of customers
  5. Warranty forms
    1. All factory or extended service plan documents are accurately prepared and registered with the suppliers
    2. All terms of warranties and/or service contracts are clearly explained to customers
  6. Insurance
    1. All available credit life, sickness and accident insurance programs are fully explained to customers
    2. All forms required by insurers are accurately prepared and registered
  7. Co-ordinate vehicle deliveries
    1. Customer vehicles are professionally detailed at time of delivery
  8. Dealership follow-up
    1. All customers are followed-up by both sales and service personnel to ensure total satisfaction


Motor Vehicle Advertising and Information Disclosure

Licensed vehicle dealers must follow provincial laws when advertising and selling vehicles. They must tell you the facts about the vehicle’s history, condition, and pricing so you can make an informed decision before purchasing the vehicle.