COVID-19 Resources

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Shared Health Manitoba – Self-Assessment Screening Tool

Safe Work Procedures:

SWP COVID-19 – Contractors on the Premises
SWP COVID-19 – Disinfecting Vehicles
SWP COVID-19 – Drive Through Service
SWP COVID-19 – Handling Packages
SWP COVID-19 – Handling Payments
SWP COVID-19 – General Retail Sales
SWP COVID-19 – Glove Removal
SWP COVID-19 – Non-Medical Masks
SWP COVID-19 – Service Repair
SWP COVID-19 – Shuttle
SWP COVID-19 – Transactions
SWP COVID-19 – Vehicle Sales
SWP COVID-19 – Wash Bay
SWP COVID-19 – Working Alone or in Isolation
SWP COVID-19 – Working from Home Ergonomics

Safety Talks:

Safety Talk – COVID-19
Safety Talk – COVID-19 Related Stress
Safety Talk – Social Distancing


COVID-19 Employers Cheat Sheet
COVID-19 Safety Measures Poster Template
COVID-19 Safety Risk Assessment Template
COVID-19 Positive Test in the Workplace
COVID-19 Physical Distancing Poster
COVID-19 Return to Work Orientation Checklist Template
COVID-19 Contractor Orientation
COVID-19 Re-Opening Checklist

Information for Employers:

S2SA – Managing COVID-19 as an Employer
S2SA – Good Hygiene Practices
S2SA – Coping with Stress
S2SA – Social Distancing in the Workplace
S2SA – Maintaining Morale
S2SA – Positive COVID-19 Worker
Manitoba Chamber of Commerce – COVID-19 Toolkit for Manitoba Businesses
Manitoba Chamber of Commerce – COVID-19 Back to Business Toolkit for Manitoba Businesses
WCB – WCB’s Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic
Gov Manitoba – Information for Workplaces
Gov Manitoba – Workplace FAQs
Gov Manitoba – Right to Refuse Work
Gov Manitoba – Face Masks
Gov Manitoba – Health Order
Gov Manitoba – Employees Using Shared Vehicles
CCOHS – COVID-19 and Workplace Safety
CCOHS – COVID-19 Workplace Tip Sheets
CMHA – Responding to Employee Anxiety about COVID-19
CADA – Memo Regarding DSSA Considerations in COVID-19


Up-to-date Information:

Province of Manitoba

Public Health Agency of Canada
World Health Organization (WHO)


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