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An initiative of the Manitoba Motor Dealers Association, the Sales Certification Program is a comprehensive training program for motor vehicle dealer sales staff and managers. It was designed to ensure the highest standard of knowledge and professionalism in the Manitoba motor vehicle dealers industry. To date, over 1,600 Sales Certified Professionals have completed the Program.


Fair and honest transactions
The program material is regularly reviewed by Consumer Protection Office of Manitoba and Manitoba Public Insurance. This additional training serves as a guide for ethical vehicle sales standards in Manitoba and is in line with The Consumer Protection Act and The Business Practices Act. You are guaranteed a transparent transaction when buying a vehicle and no surprises with extra costs or fees.


Ethical standards
The MMDA Sales Certification Program has adopted the national Canadian Automobile Dealers Association Code of Ethics as the basis of its ethical and behaviour standards for participants. Participating dealerships are committed to upholding this Code of Ethics that sets strict standards of conduct and prohibits unacceptable behaviour from their Sales Certified Professionals.


Accurate product knowledge
Through their dealerships, Sales Certified Professionals have been thoroughly trained in all aspects of the products they represent and will accurately depict a vehicle’s features and benefits. This helps you buy the vehicle that best meets your needs and budget.


The Certification Process

The Sales Certification Program consists of five components:


  1. Training – there are two training programs, one for sales staff and the second for business and sales managers.
  2. Examination – in order to be eligible for certification, participants must achieve a minimum score of 80% on the MMDA Sales Certification Program examination.
  3. Product Knowledge – participants are required to complete product knowledge training with their dealership and provide verification of meeting the requirements to obtain certification.
  4. Sales Experience – to achieve certification, participants must have at least three months of continuous experience as motor vehicle dealer sales staff. Sales staff may enroll in the Sales Certification Program before obtaining three months experience, but they will not receive certification until they have completed the three month experience requirement.
  5. Continuing Education – to maintain certification, Sales Certified Professionals are expected to continue upgrading their skills through continuing education. This includes participating in MMDA seminars that may cover such topics as consumer trends, communications, as well as new product seminars recommended by the dealership.