Sales Permit Information


As the regulator, Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) manages the Dealer’s and Salesperson’s Permit program.


Dealer Permit

A dealer is defined as a person who carries on the business, or holds himself or herself out as carrying on the business, of buying and selling motor vehicles or trailers, as principal or agent.

Salesperson’s Permit

The Drivers and Vehicles Act defines a salesperson as “a person employed or otherwise engaged by a dealer to buy and sell motor vehicles or trailers or to negotiate to buy and sell motor vehicles or trailers on the dealer’s behalf.”

  • Everyone employed by a dealer, or acting on behalf of a dealer, to buy, sell or negotiate the buying or selling of motor vehicles or trailers must hold a Salesperson’s Permit issued by the registrar (MPI).
  • A dealer cannot allow a person to act as a salesperson for him or her unless the person has a valid Salesperson’s Permit in his or her possession that includes the name of the dealer.
  • A Salesperson’s Permit is valid for up to one year.
  • The fee is $35 at the time the application or renewal is submitted.

Applying for a Salesperson’s Permit
The test can be taken at either of these MPI locations:

  • 1981 Plessis Road
  • 234 Donald Street (City Place)

You can call the MPI licensing office at 204-985-8770 ext. 0937 if you have any questions.
The cost is $25 to write the test.

In summary, to get a Salesperson’s Permit you need to:

For further information call MPI at 204-985-0920 or email [email protected]