Marketing Toolkit

Marketing Toolkit

The effective utilization of communication elements plays a crucial role in shaping the organizational image and brand perception of MMDA.

To help you become acquainted with the MMDA visual identity and brand, we have compiled a comprehensive collection of our frequently employed assets. These assets serve as a valuable resource for creating compelling external marketing materials and maintaining a consistent visual identity in formal internal communications.

About MMDA

The MMDA represents the new vehicle franchised dealerships in Manitoba and deals with provincial issues that affect the well-being of franchised automobile and truck dealers. We also have a Sales Certification Program that has graduated over 1,000 Vehicle Sales People since its inception in 1995. Our members employ over 6,500 people and generate $2.6 billion annually to Manitoba’s economy.

Contact us by Phone: 204-985-4200 or send an Email.

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MMDA Visual Identity Guide

MMDA’s Visual Identity Guide is a technical resource to support graphic designers and creative professionals.


The MMDA logo is a vital component of our visual identity, and as such, it should always be prominently featured on all materials, whether they are intended for public consumption or internal use.


The Sales Certification Program logo is for use by certified professionals that have successfully completed MMDAs on-line program in Manitoba. This mark signifies that an automotive professional has achieved the highest standard of knowledge and professionalism in the automotive industry.