Careers in the Automotive Industry

The automobile industry is a dynamic industry that is constantly evolving to meet the needs of a high-tech society. For those who are looking for an interesting, rewarding career, the automotive industry offers a wide variety of challenging, well-paying jobs for qualified, motivated people.

There are a wide range of careers available in the automotive industry. If you are interested in working at a new car or truck franchised dealership in Manitoba, send your résumé to MMDA and we’ll let our Dealer Members know it is available. Please specify the types of positions you would be interested in.

The modern automobile dealership is a dynamic business that serves as a total transportation solution for the public. Most dealerships have exciting career opportunities in the high-tech support areas of service, parts and accessories, as well as new and used vehicle sales, finance, leasing, and a variety of clerical positions.

Within the dealership, these departments work together as a team to make the dealership successful. Every day is different in a dealership, and there is a great deal of pride and satisfaction in knowing you have done your job well as part of a successful team. Because each person in a department represents the dealership to the customer either directly or indirectly, there is a high demand for qualified and motivated people.


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Dealership Career Opportunities

Administrative Careers

Dealerships employ a variety of administrative staff necessary to support and coordinate operations. Administrative opportunities include:

  • office managers
  • comptrollers
  • secretaries
  • accounting managers
  • cashiers
  • telephone operators
  • bookkeepers
  • clerks


Service Careers

Service is one of the most important departments in a dealership. It is a key profit center with more people, facilities and equipment than any other department. It is also the key to the success of a dealership. If customers do not receive courteous, prompt and reliable service, it is unlikely that they will come back. Opportunities in service include:

  • shop manager (foreman)
  • service managers
  • service advisors
  • service specialists
  • Service Technicians, including:
  1. Tune-up Technicians
  2. Front-end Technicians
  3. Automotive Air Conditioning Technicians
  4. Electrical Repair Technician
  5. Automatic Transmission Technicians
  6. Brake Repair Technicians
  • apprentice technicians
  • warranty clerk
  • cashier


Parts Careers

A well-run, efficient parts department is essential to a successful dealership. Not only does it support service and sales operations, but many large parts departments aggressively sell parts and accessories to the public and to other dealers and independent repair shops. Opportunities in Parts include:

  • parts manager
  • inventory clerk
  • pick-up and delivery person
  • shipping and receiving clerk


Sales Careers

Automobile salespeople are front-line professionals representing the dealership as well as the manufacturer of the products they sell. Salespeople are organized self-starters with excellent communication skills that truly enjoy working with people. Opportunities in sales include:

  • sales representative
  • sales manager
  • assistant sales manager
  • finance manager
  • insurance manager
  • customer relations manager
  • marketing manager
  • showroom greeter