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June 30, 2023

In the Driver’s Seat – Celebrating Women in Manitoba’s Automotive Industry

We are celebrating the women making a difference and driving progress in the Manitoba automotive industry. You’ve navigated the twists and turns, accelerated through challenges, and braved the bumps along the way. Your journey is unique, inspiring, and, above all, a story worth telling.

We invite you to share three key experiences from your journey in the automotive industry. These could be your triumphs, challenges, inspirations, or day-to-day moments that have shaped your path.

Here’s how to participate

Step 1: Reflect on your journey in the automotive industry. What are the three experiences that stand out to you the most?

Step 2: Write them down. These could be in the form of short stories, lessons learned, or memorable moments.

Step 3: Submit your story as a Word/PDF document using the form on this page.

Your story is more than just words. It’s a beacon of inspiration, illuminating the path for others to rev their engines and chase their dreams.

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