Sales Certification Program

The Purpose of Certification

The purpose of the online Sales Certification Program is to improve the expertise, professionalism and image of sales representatives in the automobile industry in Manitoba, thereby improving customer satisfaction with the sales person and the dealership. Satisfied customers result in repeat business. This allows the sales representative to maintain a client base and improve communications with them.

To date, over 2,000 Sales Certified Professionals have completed the Program.

The online Sales Certification Program is a comprehensive training program for MMDA members’ automobile sales personnel and managers, designed to ensure the highest standard of knowledge and professionalism in the automotive industry.

An initiative of the Manitoba Motor Dealers Association, the Sales Certification Program incorporates web based on-line training. Examination(s), product knowledge and sales experience are program requirements intended to improve the representative’s standing in the profession. Additionally, a professional Code of Conduct adhered to by the certified sales representative assures the automotive consumer and the general public that the representative is committed to providing customer focused service.

The Certification Process

The Sales Certification Program consists of five components which lead to Sales Person Certification.

  1. Training:
    There are two training programs, one for sales representatives and the second for business and sales managers. Courses are only available online.
  2. Examination:
    While completing the appropriate training program, participants will complete the Manitoba Motor Dealers Association certification examination. In order to be eligible for certification, participants must achieve a minimum score of 80 per cent on the MMDA certification examination.
  3. Product Knowledge
    Participants are required to complete product knowledge training with their dealership and provide verification of meeting the requirements to obtain certification.
  4. Sales Experience
    To achieve certification, participants must have at least three months of continuous experience as an automobile sales representative. Sales representatives may enroll in the Sales Certification Program before obtaining three months experience, but they will not receive certification until they have completed the three month experience requirement.
  5. Continuing Education
    To maintain certification, sales representatives are expected to continue upgrading their skills through continuing education. This includes participating in MMDA seminars that may cover such topics as consumer trends and computer skills, as well as new product seminars recommended by the dealership.


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Please note: this program is for MMDA members only. For a list of Certified Dealerships click here.