Industry News

February 15, 2019

MDA Fraud Alert

The MDA has recently learned of fraudulent activity at a Calgary dealership.

The suspect phones the sales department identifying himself as “Francois Bojmehrami” (legal first name is Azadeh).

Alberta phone (587) 921-8030 – “Francois/Azadeh”
Email: [email protected]

Suspect tells sales person that he was transferred to Alberta with Suncor.

Suspect provides Surrey BC address, and separate BC address that he wants the vehicle shipped to (he was not physically at the store and did not intend to come during the transaction).

Suspect provided inconsistent information on the credit application – had the date of birth incorrect and employment at Vancouver Children’s Hospital not Suncor.

Upon reviewing the credit bureau it appears “Azadeh Bojmehrami” is still residing in Quebec and works at a hospital.
• Credit Card provided for deposit was declined and a note to “hold card”
• Credit Card provided does not match to any credit cards on “Azadeh Bojmehrami” credit bureau
• Person on the phone was not concerned with monthly payment amount
• Person on the phone was adamant the loan not go through Royal bank (appears to be “Azadeh Bojmehrami” primary bank)

Please make your staff aware

Training your staff to identify potentially fraudulent transactions is an important first step in protecting your business from financial loss.

MDA Members should post this information in an area that is not visible to the general public (ie: staff room, etc), so your staff may be properly informed.

As always, staff should NEVER directly intervene or attempt to detain a suspect.

Thank you for your diligence in this matter.

Denis Ducharme
MDA President