Media Release

February 15, 2019

Dealer Alert – Auto Theft

On Saturday September 22, 2018 one of our Winnipeg dealerships had an incident that led to a vehicle being stolen.

A white male entered the dealership showroom about 5:15pm on Saturday and asked to speak with a Sales Manager. His story was that he was meeting a friend at the dealership and they were going to look at vehicles. He spent the next 30 minutes wondering around the showroom. After 30 minutes he told us his friend couldn’t make it and he would come back at a later date.

While he was in the dealership he was able to obtain a set of keys from an employees desk. He came back later that evening and stole the vehicle (truck).

Description: White male, sides of his head shaved with longer hair on top, he was wearing a black sport coat. He has D plate in his possession.


A member has also reported that these pictures are of the person responsible for the theft of 5 or 6 vehicles in the last week.

This individual does his research and knows the car business.

Photos from a member’s dealership