Industry News

April 7, 2022

New Increase For Paint Materials

The MMDA and consultation committees with MPI have continued to work diligently on behalf of our Manitoba collision industry. Recently, we provided Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) with statistical data on the history of paint material increases in Manitoba that our members have had to absorb. In response, MPI is now providing a paint material increase of 11 per cent from $38.20 to $42.50.

We have continued our work through our committees and advised and provided data to MPI of more recent increases from all the major paint suppliers in North America. MPI has verified our data and agreed to the weighted average increase of 10per cent. As a result, the paint material rate will increase by 10.5 per cent to $47.00 per hour on April 1st, 2022. We are proud to advocate on behalf of our industry and will continue to build our relationship with MPI and partners to continue these improvements and fair practices for the trade.

We thank MPI for responding to recent increases in a positive way and their continued support of the collision industry. We appreciate the consultative approach and are excited by the prospect of improving industry and insurance relations with our crown cooperation insurer MPI.